Benefits of Purchasing Artificial Grass

By on Oct 11, 2021 in Gardening |

Australia is one of the world leaders when it comes to cricket and has long been at the forefront of innovative cricket equipment innovation and technology. Now as part of their commitment to continue developing these cricketing products we offer a selection of different synthetic cricket pitch and net accessories which allow for a top class performance from any cricket player no matter what level they are playing at. There is no need to be restricted by just playing on natural surfaces; let your skills go to the next level and enjoy the thrill of a brand new synthetic cricket ground and surface. For all those who are looking for some good quality accessories to help them improve their skills there is a wide range of different products available on our online store, many of which are endorsed by some of the leading names in cricket. Look out for other accessory offers too on our website and enjoy the benefits of purchasing products from one of the top selling brands.

Our selection of synthetic pitches includes a range of different surface materials including rubber, turf and clay. Each of these materials provides a unique set of benefits as well as advantages to the cricketers of all ability levels. Although clay has the highest density of all the materials we have chosen it also offers the lowest cost which is obviously a great saving if you are on a budget. Turf can provide the maximum performance from a cricket pitch, especially in hot summer conditions, when the bounce of the ball is so important, as it will stay dry and therefore give you plenty of wicket keeping opportunities.

As part of our cricket accessory range we offer the 3 year guarantee for all our products. It has never been easier or safer to get hold of the perfect bounce for your wicket keeping requirements so investing in quality will pay off for you down the line. All our synthetic cricket pitches are constructed to exceptionally high standards and will ensure that your wickets remain safe and secure for longer than most other brands. With so many different surfaces available, each one suited for a specific climate and playing technique there really is something to suit all playing styles. If you are struggling for that perfect pitch to get your wickets on then you have come to the right place. Let us help you find the perfect surface for you.

One of the most popular synthetic grass pitches available to cricket fanatics is the Staunton Grass Cricket Surface. Produced in the UK from a mix of sustainable trees and grass, this turf wicket is designed to replicate the look of natural grass, whilst providing the all round benefits of playing on an artificial surface. This is an extremely durable and hard wearing product that will allow any cricket fan the chance to use any pitch throughout their entire season. The vibrant, bright colours of the green grass provide a real contrast to the white and blue uniforms of players. The turf wicket is also manufactured with UV resistant properties meaning it can be used in any weather.

Most cricket clubs in the UK use Staunton Grass as the main artificial pitch, however many have begun to look at the benefits of using turf wickets in their cricket pitches. It is a proven fact that cricket pitches that are made from natural grass are more durable, providing a bounce to all ball types. They are also hard wearing and offer consistent playing conditions through all weather conditions. These facts have made synthetic pitches highly desirable to many cricket clubs.

For more information regarding synthetic cricket pitches or if you would like to view a free lawn consultation, please contact your local cricket club. It is essential that all cricket clubs take responsibility for their players and therefore a free lawn consultation should be offered. The expert team will assess your playing requirements and whether or not synthetic grass is the ideal option. Don’t forget to check out the other products available on the market, they can help you make the right decision on whether it is best to install artificial grass or natural grass. You can never have too much advice from an expert.

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