Artificial Grass Cost – Factors to Consider

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Artificial Grass Cost is determined by the manufacturer, the turf provider, and the retailer. Installation costs vary from turf companies to turf companies. The price you pay is completely dependent on the size, quality, type, maintenance, and local demand. The costs can be higher if you select high quality synthetic turf that is no longer in production or are imported, but the majority of artificial grass retailers have artificial turf products for sale in your area.

Average Artificial Grass Cost – Installation Costs depends on square footage of synthetic turf installed. The average cost to install synthetic grass varies between $3,500 and $5,500 with the average consumer paying just over $4,000 to install premium, non-directional UV-stability, non-tractional synthetic turf over 1,000 square feet. High quality brands may also be more expensive than the low-cost brands. The price depends on whether you hire professionals or you do it yourself and how complex you want the project to be. If the job is more complicated than a driveway then the cost will increase. You should do your research before choosing the best artificial grass cost for your situation.

Blade Shape – Each blade shape has different installation requirements. Installation requirements will vary depending on the area of the lawn where the artificial grass will be installed. Installation requirements will also vary depending on the type of grass and type of maintenance desired. If you are unsure of the requirements for your project, a professional installer should be able to provide you with information about blade shapes and their requirements for installation.

Labor – Average synthetic turf installation prices vary depending on the location and complexity of the project. Professional installation teams will charge more because of the special skills required. The average homeowner may have more reasonable expectations for the price they pay for the job. To get an accurate estimate of the artificial grass cost for your project, consult a synthetic grass installation price guide.

Different Materials – Some homeowners will prefer natural grass due to allergies or the visual appeal of real grass. Others will use synthetic lawns because of the low maintenance required or because it is less expensive. Synthetic turf can also be used on driveways and patios because it is not damaged by salt spray. Before installing fake grass, you must decide whether you will use it or invest in an authentic looking lawn.

Extra Services – Some artificial grass companies offer more than just the installation. They may also provide other services to improve the look of your yard such as weed control and grass seed selection. Additional services may cost additional amounts but are well worth it. These extra services will make your artificial turf yard attractive to potential buyers of your home.

Blade Shape Variation – Blades of synthetic grass material type will vary depending on the type of product you purchase. For example, there are mulching blades available that are round and have a rectangular shape. The same is true for blade shapes as well. Homeowners with larger yards may want to consider investing in double blade synthetic grass material type for added durability.

Determine Your Unique Situation – Professional artificial grass installers have the experience necessary to determine how much you will spend based on the amount of square footage you are working with and the specific characteristics of your yard. The different products will all provide professional results that vary depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Your yard could have a crisp, clean look with just one blade while your neighbor’s with two or more blades. The types of colors available as well as the thickness of the product will also affect the final price. Always work with a professional who has experience in installing artificial grass in your particular situation.

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